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Grass TUFTS - 6mm Self-adhesive - LIGHT GREEN

Innovative self-adhesive scenic basing tufts perfect for decorating miniature bases, scenery, field paths, lake, river shores, embankments & slopes as well as the edges of forests and roads, creating flower beds or brightening meadows. Just take the grass tufts out of the package using tweezers and fix them with its self-adhesive sticky bases. Although self-adhesive, a dab of glue may be required to apply to some surfaces for a permanent fix.

Type of Flock: NYLON FLOCK

Fiber Size: 6mm high 

Plastic sheet size: 4x15cm

Content: 40 tufts


Grass TUFTS - 6mm self-adhesive - LIGHT GREEN

SKU: G028
5,32 €Precio
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